United Kingdom
Boy racer thrills for the customer...

....at passport to profit prices for the dealer
Become a GT Radial Performance Centre and discover your passport to profit with; high margins, same day delivery, great dealer support and our passport to profit incentive programme.

High Margins
GTPC’s qualify to receive preferential purchase prices on GT Radial tyres along with recommended retail prices to assist you in achieving your passport to profit.

Same Day Delivery
As a GTPC you can stay ahead of the competition with our same day nationwide delivery service, allowing you to improve stock availability and service standards.

Great Dealer Support
GT Radial Performance Centres (GTPC’s) receive unprecedented support from the GT Radial Brand and benefit from an extensive Brand Manual, in store point of sale along with branded workwear for staff.

Incentive programme
GTPC dealers will have the opportunity to earn a Passport to Profit Fund on purchases made based on a tiered volume system.....where will your passport to profit take you?

To find out more call our GT Radial Brand Manager, Phil Burns, on 07795 387516 or simply contact us through our enquiry form on the Contact Us page.

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